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X-Sim Installer 2.0

It is a software suitable for most selfmade or comercial simulators
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X-Sim is the short synonym for Cross Simulator software. It is a software suitable for most selfmade or comercial simulators.
The most interresting part would be the big support for every game usable with it. Because every game developer will implement another method of exporting the ingame realtime values like g-forces, speeds or the selected gear, it is very importand to know about the different export types.
Main features:
-High number of game telemetry plugins
- Automatic game detection and setup function
- Ingame race-start-trigger to enable simulator
- 3rd way game access with:
- Microsoft Force Feedback scanner
- Direct game memory readout tool
- Easy math output solution with mixer facility
- Well rounded math module collection with:
- Different types of fast washouts
- Different types of scaler
- Threshold and 1:1 plugins
- Simulator based realtime processing
- Easy skinnable desktop gauge system
- Extended hardware gauge support
- Support for LCDStudio and LCDHype gauges
- Multi CPU affinity and isolation support
- Full configurable programloop timing
- Hardware and software benchmark module
- Multi input device support (joystick mixer)
- Huge hardware support with:
- Interface plugin system
- Universal serial RS232 and RS485 output
- Initial operation test panel for each port
- Teachable port I/O for any HW combination
- Electric, pneumatic and hydrailic actuators
- Structured free definable HW calibration
- Output analyser
- Ingame telemetry data logger
- Mature C programmer support for plugins
- Dialog buttons optimized for usage in simulators
- Configurable safety options in case of HW failure
- 3D virtual simulators for testing purpose
- Tray menu for hiding the applications
- Command line support for easy script usage

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